Elais & Christy

A beautiful day spent at the Pasadena Museum Of History with an amazing couple. One of my favorite parts of a Engagement Session is, when the couple is comfortable with each other, gives me the freedom to capture their emotions in the most natural way possible. Engagement Sessions are a great way to get to know your photographer, and vise versa, for us to get to know our clients. I do recommend to have a session if possible, a few months before the wedding, that way you will gather lots of information as far as, what hair and makeup to have for the big day and what your favorites shots may be. Enjoy.

Glam By @marysbeautyworld

Dress Designer @jovanifashions

In Love

The perfect couple with the perfect backdrop on a beautiful day. Nature settings are always a great choice since it gives you so much options. From colors to backdrops, it remains one of my special picks. Huntington Library is definitely a good choice when it comes to nature with a mixture of some ancient architectural. When you know your’e in love. Check out more of our work by visiting our Instagram page

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.”
— Kiersten White, The Chaos of Stars