Tuscany Inspired!

There is just something about Italy and romance that go hand in hand. Since time was not in our favor to travel all the way to Italy, we were blessed with this beautiful location in Malibu, Ca. Saddle Rock Ranch. An amazing day spent with an awesome couple. I love riding my Vespa to photo shoots, whenever I get the chance to. Luckily, this time, it came in handy to do the perfect shots with the perfect backdrop. By the way, this was the day before the horrible Malibu fires took over. Drop us a comment, let us know what you think. Enjoy.

A few from the past

I always love going back and reviewing my old work, just to compare and and to educate myself of what I can do better. I love new challenges that push me to my max potential. By reviewing my past work, it gives me insights to be more creative.

Windy day at El Matador beach

The shoot was about to get canceled today due to the crazy winds, but, gladly we decided to take a chance. The weather could not be any better. Here is a few shots from today.